Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide

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Master Microservices Architecture in our all-encompassing online course. Gain expertise in designing, developing, and deploying microservices-based applications for scalable and resilient systems. Ideal for developers and architects looking to enhance their skills in modern software design.



Explore the world of Microservices Architecture with our comprehensive online course. Learn how to design, build, and deploy scalable and resilient microservices-based applications using industry best practices. From architecture fundamentals to practical implementation strategies, this course equips you with the skills needed to succeed in modern software development.


What you'll learn

  • What is Microservices Architecture and when to use it
  • Predecessors of Microservices and the problems with them
  • The 9 Attributes of Microservices
  • Architecture Process of Microservices
  • How to design a robust and reliable Microservice
  • Techniques for deploying and testing Microservices
  • Service Mesh – What it is, its goal, and how and when to use it
  • When NOT to use Microservices
  • The three strategies for breaking Monolith into Microservices

3 reviews for Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide

  1. Abimbola

    “I loved how this course balanced theory with practical implementation. Each concept was explained thoroughly, and the hands-on projects helped me apply what I learned immediately. It’s a must for anyone serious about mastering microservices.”

  2. John

    “The instructor’s teaching style is engaging and easy to follow. I appreciated the step-by-step approach to building microservices applications. Even complex topics were made understandable. I’m already seeing the benefits in my own projects.”

  3. Balarabe

    “This course provided an in-depth understanding of microservices architecture without overwhelming technical jargon. The explanations were clear, and the practical examples really solidified my understanding. Highly recommended!”

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