Microservices with Node JS and React

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Master microservices development with Node.js and React in our online course. Gain hands-on experience building scalable, modular applications using industry-standard tools and best practices.



Explore the world of microservices architecture with our comprehensive online course, ‘Microservices with Node JS and React.’ Learn to design, build, and deploy scalable microservices using Node.js for backend development and React for frontend interfaces. This course covers essential topics such as service communication, containerization, API gateways, and deployment strategies, equipping you with the skills to create robust, modular applications in today’s cloud-native landscape.

What you'll learn

  • Architect large, scalable apps using a collection of microservices
  • Deploy a multi-service app to the cloud with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Solve concurrency issues in a distributed systems environment
  • Leverage your Javascript skills to build a complex web app
  • Build a Server-Side Rendered React App to render data from your microservices
  • Understand how enterprise companies design their infrastructure
  • Share reusable code between multiple Express servers using custom NPM packages
  • Write comprehensive tests to ensure each service works as designed
  • Communicate data between services using a lightning-fast event bus
  • Write nothing but production-level code. No cutting corners!

4 reviews for Microservices with Node JS and React

  1. Suleiman

    “As someone relatively new to Node JS and React, I found this course incredibly helpful. The explanations are clear, the code examples are practical, and the real-world applications discussed throughout the course make it easy to see how these technologies can be used together effectively.”

  2. Temitayo

    “I’ve taken several online courses, but this one stands out. The instructor’s depth of knowledge is impressive, and the way he breaks down each component of microservices using Node JS and React is invaluable. Worth the investment.”

  3. Nura

    “Fantastic course! The modules are well-structured, the pace is just right, and the hands-on projects really solidify your understanding. I feel confident now to implement microservices in my projects. Thank you!”

  4. Jibril

    “This course exceeded my expectations! The instructor explained complex concepts clearly and provided practical examples that made it easy to grasp. Highly recommend for anyone looking to master microservices architecture with Node JS and React.”

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