Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0

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Level up your JavaScript skills with ‘Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0.’ Explore advanced techniques and contemporary practices through practical examples and projects, empowering you to build powerful web applications effortlessly.



Master the intricacies of JavaScript with ‘Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0.’ This comprehensive course dives deep into the latest features and best practices of JavaScript, equipping you with advanced skills to build robust web applications. From fundamental concepts to complex topics like asynchronous programming and ES6 syntax, this course offers hands-on tutorials and real-world projects that ensure you’re ready to excel in modern web development.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Fundamentals (Variables, Loops, Functions, etc)
  • Learn How JavaScript Works (Execution Context, Call Stack, Async JS)
  • Master the Document Object Model & Events (Interactivity)
  • Asynchronous JavaScript (Callbacks, Promises, Fetch, Ajax)
  • OOP (Constructors, Prototypes, Classes)
  • Modern Tooling & Workflow (Webpack, Babel, File Structure, NPM, Plugins & Loaders)
  • Complete Stack Project With Webpack, Node, Express & MongoDB
  • 5 Real World Projects & 10+ Mini-Projects

4 reviews for Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0

  1. Chidinma

    “Incredible depth and clarity! I’ve taken several JavaScript courses, but this one stands out. Brad’s teaching style and the course structure make complex topics easy to grasp. Definitely worth the investment.”

  2. Mohammad

    “Best JavaScript course I’ve taken! The instructor’s enthusiasm and expertise shine through every lesson. Whether you’re new to coding or looking to refine your skills, this course delivers.”

  3. Kingsley

    “Up-to-date and relevant! Unlike other courses that feel outdated, this one covers the latest JavaScript features and best practices. Perfect for anyone serious about mastering JS.”

  4. Saka

    “Practical and engaging! I appreciate how the instructor combines theory with hands-on projects. It’s helped me not only understand JavaScript but also apply it in real-world scenarios.”

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